Video Game Design

Want to make the next exciting video game? In this program, your child is a budding game developer!

Video Game Design for Kids | Online STEM Coding for Kids
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With RoboThink’s video game design programs, your child will not only design and code the game, but also create the joysticks and controllers in real life with our robotics kit!

Students will be tasked to create new and exciting games, and also reimagine some cult classics!

STEM Blocks | STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink

Why play games when you can design them?

Students can pick from a selection of different games to build. This program teaches the basics of PlayEntry, where each session, your child is given a new game to design or a new aspect to add to the games they’ve already made. Students could even create their own game entirely from scratch! Students will even refine their entrepreneurial skills as they learn ways to market their product.

Video Game Design Jr. (Ages 5-6)
Video Game Design (Ages 7-14)

  • Online game design programs where kids will make their own games using a fun and interactive program with an easy drag and drop interface

Intro to Game Design

  • Design your own character and backgrounds
  • Engage in creativity and learn coding along the way

Advanced Game Design

  • Use RoboThink’s RoCode software to design more complex games
  • Great way to introduce kids into the world of Python, a popular programming language
STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink

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STEM Blocks, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink
STEM Blocks, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink

Nurturing Geniuses Around the World

RoboThink is a leading STEM, robotics, coding and engineering programme for kids. We nurture thousands of students each day across 12 countries into geniuses. Our exciting themed programmes develops core STEM skills that students apply to other subjects and their future careers.

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