RoboThink’s Unique Building Cells

robothink robotics kit sample

Alternative Yet Popular Edutainment

In the age where children have easy access to digital gadgets, parents look for alternative forms of entertainment instead of letting their children stare at a bright screen all the time. This is where edutainment brands like RoboThink come into play. RoboThink offers programmes based on building blocks that is capable of building many different shapes and types of machines and robots. Typically, building toys are a form of immersive, fun, and educational experience.

So why are building toys so popular around the world? Children of all ages love to build things, and building toys allow them to bring their imagination and creativity to life with a more hands-on approach! It also stimulates learning as they develop skills for the future.

robothink building cells/blocks
RoboThink basic building cells

Uniquely Different

Building toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They range from foam pieces to wooden planks to colourful plastic blocks. You may have frequently heard of the term building bricks or blocks, but our parts are uniquely different from what is out there in the market! At RoboThink, the modular robotics kit that we use for our STEM programmes contain what we call building cells, which make up the foundation of our robotics kit.

A cell may look similar to other building bricks from afar. Examine closer, and you will start to see the distinction. A regular brick has studs and holes on opposite ends, whereas a RoboThink cell has studs and holes on multiple sides. It means that a single RoboThink cell has more interlocking potential, i.e. they can be creatively built into many positions and angles compared to a regular brick! 

bridge made with RoboThink building cells
A bridge and a mini car made with our unique building cells

Creative Building

With our unique building cells, students have more creative power at their disposal. Whether a student attends classes in our learning centres or through our @Home programme, they have access to a wealth of tools to assemble their favourite robots or engineering marvels! Consequently, students will continually nurture and grow their motor skills and creative thinking by building robots.

For a more in-depth look into cool robots that students can build, watch the feature video below of a motorised helicopter!


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