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RoboThink’s fun coding programs are now online! RoboThink Online is an online coding program for kids that teaches critical 21st century skills in the comfort and safety of your home.

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Online Coding for Kids
Online STEM Coding Program
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STEM Blocks | STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink
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Learn to Code by Designing Games

Robothink Online is a fun and interactive programme for children to learn coding through an easy drag and drop interface. It teaches fundamental coding concepts without the need to type out the codes, allowing children to focus on the logic behind the codes instead of memorising them. 

Why Learn to Code?

Coding is not just a skill to create programs, softwares and games. It also helps develop problem solving and critical thinking skills – skills that are critical for the future! That’s why it’s important to cultivate some interest in coding – we do this via fun and interactive programme to develop video games! Plus, students will have plenty of fun designing their games!

RoboThink Online's Video Game Design

Our multi-level program introduces a variety of classic and modern games for students to create. They will also have a wide array of tools at their disposal as the lessons increase in complexity, empowering them to bring their designs to life!

Our Video Game Design programme is a 4-month (12 classes) programme designed for students who are new to the world of coding and computer programmes.

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Video Game Design for Kids | Online STEM Coding for Kids
Coding for Kids | RoboThink STEM software
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How Does It Work?

STEM Blocks | STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink
STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs for Kids | RoboThink

Master Engineer RoboThink Instructors

RoboThink’s Online Programs are led by passionate and engaging teachers. They are fully background checked and trained on RoboThink’s instructor training program. We’re sure your child will love working with RoboThink’s network of instructors.

STEM Blocks | STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink

Online Tailored Curriculum

RoboThink’s innovative E-STEAM curriculum has been customized to maximize the advantages of the Virtual STEM Classroom with on-demand multimedia, live questions and response feedback. Students can choose between coding and robotics programs that are engaging and teaches critical 21st skills.

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STEM Blocks | STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink
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RoboThink Virtual STEM Classroom

RoboThink’s Online Classroom is as close as it can get to a live teacher experience. With interactive teamworking, a virtual “raise-hand” function and a seamless integration of RoboThink’s E-STEAM curriculum and educational software, it’s easy to use and engaging for students. Plus, students can log in from anywhere.

Global Online Forum

RoboThink is a global STEM program with students from around the world. The RoboThink Forum is for students of RoboThink online and offline classes to share and discuss their RoboThink creations. It’s a great way to get inspired and learn from each other.

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