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The RoboThink's Learning Centre Programmes are designed for students to learn independently - using their thinking skills and creativity to solve problems they encounter along the way. Our trained instructors provide guidance along the way, but leave the heavy lifting to the students to maximise self-learning and self-discovery.

Why do we encourage this?

It is simply because we believe that students should be encouraged to learn independently and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are pivotal to surviving and thriving in a fast-changing future! What's best is they get to learn these in a fun and engaging manner!

learning centre programmes


Our step by step curriculum provides engaging and unique lesson plans for budding robot engineers of all ages and skill level. With over a hundred unique build models ranging in all sorts of shapes, sizes, functions and difficulty, our students never need to repeat a build twice.

Our Junior RoboThinker Programme is designed for students between 5 to 7 years old.


This programme combines robotics and coding. It is a fun programme to allow Junior RoboThinkers to gain hands-on experience in building robots and communicating with them!

There are 4 Levels in this programme, each with 12 Lessons, taking between 10 to 14 weeks to complete each Level.

The RoboThinker Programme is designed for students above 8 years old. It is a structured curriculum in an open learning environment where students can creatively build and modify robots using our unique robotics kit.


Our levelled curriculum provides engaging and unique lesson plans for budding robot engineers of all ages and skill levels.


There are 7 Levels, each with 12 Lessons covering mechanical concepts, electronic concepts and coding.

Our RoboCoder Programme introduces students to the principles of coding/programming, the language of the computer.

This programme uses the our most advanced programming platform, the RoCode and is catered for students aged 9 and above.


The RoCode is designed to help students understand the logic of programming without the need to memorise confusing syntax. It's never een easier and more fun to learn to code!

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