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A New Normal

The teacher brings up a completed robot and points it at the webcam to guide his young students. He describes the process to get to that point while helping the students to visualise the build. Next, he asks his students to replicate the same result, where he will provide further guidance if anyone gets stuck. All this is happening while the students are on the other side of the screen in their respective homes. 

A year ago, nobody would have thought that young children will be attending online classes. But here we are today: the closure of schools and learning institutions affects over a billion students worldwide. The transition from traditional classrooms to online learning minimizes disruption to education, be it academic or enrichment lessons. Based on our experience over the past few months, we can confidently say that learning hands-on lessons like robotics from home is possible!

home robotics class intructor demo
Our dedicated Instructors guide students by replicating a build for students to appreciate the end-goal.

Delivering Quality Education

The versatility of RoboThink’s STEM syllabus allows for straightforward adaptation for online learning. Our curated RoboThink @ Home lessons are similar to the ones taught in the learning centres. In addition, students will also be given additional challenges based on their creativity and building ability. 

An online class poses different challenges for both the students and teachers. In order to maintain quality, we limit our class sizes at about 2 to 4 students. In return, the students get personalised attention from our instructors, who are always ready behind the camera to catch their mistakes and guide them.

What makes RoboThink @ Home programme stand out is that students will learn and grow at their own pace. There is no need to worry about missing a class or lagging behind other student who are faster. Nor is there worry of being slowed down by other students.

home robotics class screenshot
An example of a RoboThink @ Home class in action. The students are progressing at their pace, and can demonstrate their ability to create builds on their own

Nurturing Communication Skills, Independent Learning and Responsibility

By now, most students have become accustomed to online learning. In doing so, they will hone a different skill set compared to being in a physical classroom. For example, students will have to learn to speak up and have clear articulation to communicate with their teachers through the computer.

Next, students gain more independence and self-initiative. They will have to listen to instructions and act on it, often without any help from an adult.

While having access to a robotics kit at home, our students will also have to learn to take care of it. The responsibility is on them to ensure nothing gets lost or damaged.

home robotics kit
RoboThink’s Personalised Robotics Kit for our Home programmes

RoboThink @ Home

With our RoboThink @ Home programme, each student will receive a personalised box of our unique robotics and coding kit for use in class and in their free time. We loan the kits to our students with no additional charges while maintaining the same programme fees!

Check out our 2021 promotion for new students who signs up by the end of March 2021. For existing students, we have a new referral programme. You will get a discount if you recommend a friend to join us in building cool robots and engineering machines!


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