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The Language of the Future

Remember the fun retro video games that you used to play when you were younger? Now imagine your child playing similar games that are handcrafted by them in an interactive online coding class.

Computer programs powers a wide and increasing array of consumer products, commercial machinery and even services! No industry will be spared from technological disruption. The ability to code, or even to understand how computer program works, will be a critical skill in the future. It is already an important skill to have. Therefore, learning to code will be equally important as learning to count. Is there a better way for children to learn to code, than to learn to create games!

Easy-to-use Coding Program

Advances in technology and software have also enabled us to provide a child-friendly platform to learn to code in an online environment. Learning to code does not mean staring at lines and lines of syntax which is incomprehensible to young learners. These days, many students learn the concept of coding through a variety of low-code platforms. This allows the students to understand the codes better. In fact, researchers at MIT created Scratch, one of the easy-to-use, graphical coding platform, to teach younger students how to code.

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In RoboThink’s interactive online coding classes, our students create games using intuitive yet powerful coding programs. There is no need to remember which incomprehensible syntax, i.e., what code, to type into the computer terminal. It has a drag-and-drop interface where you connect colourful blocks of code to create your program or game. Viewing the result of your creativity and hard work is as easy as clicking a button! But what could your child create with this tool? Well, the possibilities are endless as the limit is their imagination!

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Developing Problem Solving, Logical Thinking Skills in an Interactive Coding Class

Our live instructors prioritise student engagements as they guide them through the coding process. Teachers will raise questions relevant to the game the students are designing to pique their problem solving and logical thinking ability. Once they develop these fundamental skills, students will be given simple creative challenges, and are encouraged to customise their games because everyone loves personalised content! In return, this will nurture their designing and storytelling skills and more! At the end of the session, teachers have the privilege of experiencing the excitement and joy from students as they watch their creation come to life, despite being in an online class.

From Cult Classics to Modern Favourites

Being at home doesn’t mean education has to stop. Even hands-on subjects such as robotics is also doable. Our online coding classes cover a wide range of video game genres, with each lesson offering a different coding objective.

Do you have fond memories of your first side-scrolling shooter or platformer in the arcades? Fancy making a whack-a-mole game? How about coding your version of flappy bird and fruit ninja?

With the guidance of our passionate instructors, we will introduce your child to a variety of fan favourite video games through our interactive lessons. The icing on the cake is they get to learn code and develop vital 21st century skills in the process, while in the safety and comfort of home!


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