RoboThink’s Unique Building Cells

robothink robotics kit sample

Alternative Yet Popular Edutainment In the age where children have easy access to digital gadgets, parents look for alternative forms of entertainment instead of letting their children stare at a bright screen all the time. This is where edutainment brands like RoboThink come into play. RoboThink offers programmes based on building blocks that is capable […]

RoboThink Investing in Multi-Media

RoboThink - MultiMedia

RoboThink is launching RoboThink MultiMedia, a media content development branch of the RoboThink, LLC. Kids learn through touch, but they also learn through hearing and seeing. RoboThink is planning on investing more in 2017 into creating digital media for auditory and visual learners of STEM!  The RoboThink MultiMedia logo is a derivative of the RoboThink corporate […]