3 Reasons Why STEM Curriculum Is Key To Machine Learning & Problem-solving


STEM lessons and resources revolve around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but why are these core skills key to the future generation? In this article, we’re going to reveal 3 key reasons why a STEM curriculum is the key to machine learning knowledge and problem-solving skills. 1. Empower the Future Generation ‘Biologically driven neurological processes […]

6 Ways Robotics & AI Will Enhance Everyday Life

Robotics and AI

While the idea of robots taking over the world is an exciting plot for a Hollywood blockbuster, the development of technology and introduction of robotics comes with a whole range of benefits. From improving quality of life for vulnerable members of society, to tracking loved ones, and making everyday life easier. Let’s explore 6 ways […]

5 Benefits Of Learning To Code As A Child

Benefits of learning to code

Thomas Suarez understood the benefits of learning to code as a child! Now 21-years-old, Thomas, a highly successful developer, and entrepreneur, actually taught himself to code at the age of nine and began designing and developing apps on Apple Inc’s app store. In 2012 at the age of 12 years old, Thomas gave a TED […]

Self-discovery & Robotic Toys Will Help Develop Robotic Engineers

Self-discovery & robotic toys will help develop robotic engineers

There will be a huge demand for robotic engineers in the next couple of years. As Steve Jurvetson, Board Member of SpaceX and Tesla explained, “Machine learning allows us to build software solutions that exceed human understanding and show us how AI can innervate every industry.” While the idea of evil robots taking over our […]

RoboThink’s Unique Building Cells

robothink robotics kit sample

Alternative Yet Popular Edutainment In the age where children have easy access to digital gadgets, parents look for alternative forms of entertainment instead of letting their children stare at a bright screen all the time. This is where edutainment brands like RoboThink come into play. RoboThink offers programmes based on building blocks that is capable […]

Interactive Game Design Coding Classes

student coding class

The Language of the Future Remember the fun retro video games that you used to play when you were younger? Now imagine your child playing similar games that are handcrafted by them in an interactive online coding class. Computer programs powers a wide and increasing array of consumer products, commercial machinery and even services! No […]

Learning Robotics at Home with Live Instructors

home class coding robot

A New Normal The teacher brings up a completed robot and points it at the webcam to guide his young students. He describes the process to get to that point while helping the students to visualise the build. Next, he asks his students to replicate the same result, where he will provide further guidance if […]

What makes RoboThink programs the best?

Robotics & Coding Class for Kids

There are many different robotics and coding programs in your community. What makes RoboThink’s programs unique and better? 1 One-of-a-kind Robotics Hardware Look around and almost certainly, the robotics and coding program in your area will be based off of the LEGO® robotics platform. Many STEM providers simply purchase or re-use off-the-shelf LEGO® kits and publicly available […]